The Master of Science in Health Science Education program offers online courses in learning and curriculum, simulation/technical & non-technical skills, online learning, educational leadership, assessment and evaluation, and research methods. In addition, two mandatory in-person residency periods must be completed. The program offers students two completion pathways: a course-based option which is offered in online format through part-time studies (full time may be considered with special permission), or a thesis-based option offered in either part-time or full-time studies. Non-health practitioners will only be considered for the full-time, thesis stream.

The program will be highly accessible through blended delivery of online and in-class formats. Click here to apply (deadline for admissions is January 15th, 2018).


The Residency Period for 2018 is June 4th - 8th, 2018. The HS II Residency Week is 4 days long, June 5th - 8th, 2018.

The Geoffrey Norman Day in Education Research will be June 6th.


To view submitted theses from graduated students on MacSphere please Click Here.



The program would also like to acknowledge two of our students, Ligia Cordovani and Daniel Cordovani, who have recently graduated from the HSED Course-Based stream and who were able to translate some of their scholarly experience from the program into an impactful publication on clinical education with the journal Advances in Health Sciences Education.


Cordovani, L., & Cordovani, D. (2015). A literature review on observational learning for medical motor skills and anesthesia teaching. Advances in Health Sciences Education, 1-9.


Please find a link to the article here.


Also, the program would like to share with you a video on Student Leadership in Health Sciences featuring another of our recent graduates from the HSED Thesis-Based stream Anita Acai. Please find a link to the video here.

Our 2017-18 Handbook is available online! Click here to view the handbook.

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