Scholarly Paper Process

This is an excerpt from the Student Handbook. Please review the entire handbook here (TBA) for a comprehensive list to aid you in completing your Scholarly Paper.

Click here to download the Scholarly Paper Topic Approval Form.

Click here to download the Clear to Graduate form.



1. Notify the HSED administrative assistant ( that you are interested in beginning the approval process for a Scholarly Paper topic.


2. Complete the Scholarly Paper Topic Approval Form with your advisor and email it to the HSED administrative assistant. An electronic copy of the Scholarly Paper Topic Approval Form will then be circulated to members of the HSED Curriculum Committee. Please refer to the deadlines (above) for submitting "Requests for Topic Approval".

3. Acknowledge the due date of your paper. Once the Curriculum Committee approves your topic, you will have 8 weeks to complete your Scholarly Paper following notification that it is approved. The final paper is evaluated by your Scholarly Paper Committee, who will be required to provide feedback to the student by the specified due date.


4. Submit your completed paper 8 weeks after the Curriculum Committee has approved topic. On the day your scholarly paper is due, submit an electronic version via email to the HSED administrative assistant ( Once the final scholarly paper is handed in, it will be sent electronically by the administrative assistant to your two readers.

5. Address feedback from your two readers. Feedback to the student in the form of a formal assessment will usually occur within one week of receipt of the paper. If the paper is deemed unsatisfactory, one rewrite will be allowed within a two-week period, after formal written notification to the student from the Chair of the MSc HSEd Curriculum Committee. A decision on the rewrite will be made and feedback given within one week.


6. Complete the School of Graduate Studies paperwork . Once you pass the final scholarly paper requirement, the Notification of Completion of HSED Requirements Course-based Option form must be completed to permit graduation. The completed form is submitted to the HSED administrative assistant (

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