Thesis Paper Process

This is an excerpt from the Student Handbook. Please review the entire handbook here(TBA) for a comprehensive list to aid you in completing your Thesis Paper.

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1. Once you have identified a thesis supervisor and two internal committee members, complete a formal written research proposal that outlines your project prior to commencing research and submit it for approval to your Thesis Committee (within six months of entry into the program for full time students and within one year of entry for part-time students).


 You may choose to give the Thesis Proposal to your thesis supervisor for comments prior to distributing it to the remainder of the committee. Alternatively, you may choose to distribute the proposal to all internal supervisory committee members at the same time. Please note that the external member of the committee is not involved in approving the proposal.


2. Within one month of distributing the thesis proposal, a committee meeting should be held with your thesis supervisor and internal faculty readers. This meeting serves to orient the Thesis Committee to the overall purpose of the proposed research – each committee member is made aware of exactly what the other members of the committee expect of the student, and have the opportunity to becomes involved in the whole process at the onset. Questions and contentious issues can be answered and sorted out to everyone’s satisfaction. Also, it is a time that the committee negotiates how it will work together and assist you during the development of your thesis.


3. Once the committee accepts the final proposal, all must sign the Thesis Proposal form.. You must also sign a statement indicating that the thesis does no present a significant overlap with other papers written during any MSc HSED courses. The thesis proposal is now ready to be reviewed by the HSED Program.


Submit the Thesis Proposal form to the HSED office along with the necessary signatures. This approval serves to ensure that you have an appropriate Thesis Supervisory Committee in terms of School of Graduate Studies (SGS) status, and relevant expertise as it pertains to the chosen thesis topic.


Submission of Thesis Approval can happen at any time (i.e., no in-term deadlines), but must be submitted prior to, or in concert with, your first Committee meeting.

4. The program expects that, on average, three to six months of full-time intensive work is required to complete the thesis, following the selection of a topic and successful acquisition of data. While the efforts and endeavours of individual students will vary, and while some students may choose not to devote their full time to the thesis, the program does not expect the cumulative work for a thesis to extend for more than a year.

As a thesis student you are expected to have a committee meeting at least once a year, and at least 3 meetings before defending. Every meeting should conclude with completing a Supervisory Committee Report form.

5. To meet the requirements for a Master’s degree, the thesis must be submitted in electronic form prior to the defense. It must be delivered to the HSED Administrative Assistant no later than the date specified in the Sessional Dates for the degree to be recognized at the appropriate convocation.


It is also your responsibility to schedule the defence date and time. The oral defence will normally be scheduled at least two weeks after submission of the document and must be scheduled no later than two months after submission. You should inform the HSED Administrative Assistant of the intended defence date and time in order to book a defence room and prepare the paperwork.


6. After a successful defense, the Chair of the examination committee will inform you of thesis changes required by the examiners. The Chair will initial and give you a form [entitled Final Thesis Submission Sheet] indicating whether minor or major changes are required to the thesis. After all changes have been made, you must submit this completed form to the School of Graduate Studies for your Final Submission to be published to Digital Commons.


Your School of Graduate Studies degree requirements are considered complete when one electronic copy of the thesis, revised as directed by your defense examining committee, is submitted to the School of Graduate Studies through the E-Thesis Submission module in MacSphere.

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