Both HSI (HS 700) and HSII (HS 707) residency periods are held concurrently every June before the beginning of the academic year. In order to graduate students must attend both the HSI and HSII residency periods by the end of the program. Students must attend the HSI residency period in June prior to their first year which will provide an overview of the program and the over-arching goals, learning outcomes, and instructional methods for students. Through small group work students will prepare for online learning groups and discover the online delivery methods (Avenue to Learn) used in the program. Students will then attend the HSII residency period in the June prior to completing either the scholarly paper or thesis will aid students in planning and writing their thesis or scholarly paper with support from their peers and faculty. The residencies (HSI & HSII) and the core courses provide foundational theoretical frameworks and practical knowledge for all students in both the thesis and course-based streams. Clinical duty does not excuse students from residency week.

The core and elective online courses have mostly asynchronous discussion forums, meaning students can read, engage in discourse around topics, and submit comments at their convenience. Final marks are a combination of quizzes, online participation, and assignments. Three points to ponder from each online lecture provide initial context for the discussion forums, worth a minimum of 20% of the final mark, where students critically evaluate the course material to develop a deeper understanding of the theory and applications in health science education. Assignments in the course are comprised of an outline, review and feedback of a peer’s outline, and the final paper.

In the final paper students apply their knowledge of the theory content and the literature to a practical problem in the field of Health Professions Education.

To register for HSI or HSII residency periods please contact the Administrative Assistant at

To register for core courses, elective courses, elective courses outside HSEd*, Scholarly Paper or Thesis please visit MOSAIC.

*Students must receive departmental permission before enrolling in an elective course outside the HSEd program.

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2018/2019 Course Schedule

SeasonCourses Offered
  • HS 700: Residency I (HSI)
  • HS 707: Residency II (HSII)
  • HS 701: Learning and Curriculum (Core)
  • HS 702: Research Methods (Elective)
  • HS 705: E:Learning (Elective)
  • HS 703: Assessment and Evaluation (Core)
  • HS 704: Simulation-Based Learning (Elective)
  • HS 706: Management and Leadership (Elective)
  • HS 710: Program Evaluation (Elective)
Please consult the School of Graduate Studies for further information regarding course add/drop dates, sessional dates for each term, and other important information here.

HS EDUC 700: Health Science Education: Residency I
HS EDUC 707: Health Science Education: Residency II
HS EDUC 701: Learning and Curriculum in Health Science Education
HS EDUC 703: Assessment and Evaluation

HS EDUC 702: Educational Research Methods in Health Science Education
HS EDUC 704: The Fundamentals of Skill Acquisition: Implications for Simulation-Based Education
HS EDUC 705: Educational Technologies in Higher Education
HS EDUC 706: Management and Leadership in Health Professions Education Prerequisite(s): HS EDUC 700
HS EDUC 710: Program Evaluation
For students to enroll in a course outside of the HSEd program they must request departmental permission. Please visit the department website for the course you would like to enroll in to request admittance.
HTH RS M 702: Introduction to Biostatistics
HTH RS M 727: Theory and Practice of Measurement
HTH RS M 751: Observational and Analytical Research Methods
HTH RS M 762: Approaches to the Evaluation of Health Services
NURSING 745: Qualitative Research Methods
NURSING 770: Mixed Methods Research Designs for Health Services and Policy Research
HLTH POL 747: Qualitative and Conceptual Methods
HS EDUC 708: Scholarly Paper
HS EDUC 709: Thesis Prerequisite(s): HS 700, 701, 703 + 1 elective course