Financial Information

Full-Time (Annual)Part-time (Annual)
MSc Health Science Education
*Please note that if you are Full Time McMaster Faculty or Staff you are not eligible for the Full Time option
Per Course$2,968.00$2,968.00


Financial support for full-time students is determined before an applicant is recommended for admission. A letter of offer from the School of Graduate Studies will include all details of financial support, if any. There is no financial support for part-time students.

Sources of support may be: From a supervisor's research grant; Awards made to students who have applied to external agencies (e.g. Ontario Graduate Scholarship [OGS], Canadian Institutes of Health Research [CIHR], Heart and Stroke Foundation); Internal departmental bursaries; Please visit the School of Graduate Studies website for a list of available internal and external awards and scholarships to assist in funding

* Please note that funding options are provided only to full-time students. Please also note funding is not provided to working McMaster clinicians.