Frequently Asked Quetions

What is the Master of Science Health Science Education program (MSc. HSED)?
How long is the MSc. HSED program?
Who is the MSc. HSED program for?
When is the application deadline to the program?
What are the deadlines to register for classes, drop or add classes, etc.?
How do I apply to the MSc. HSED program?
What are the admission requirements for the MSc. HSED program?
Do I need an English proficiency test?
When does the MSc. HSED program start?
Do I have to find a supervisor before I start the program?
When is this year's residency period?
How/Where would I take my courses?
What are the fees associated with the MSc. HSED program?
Who is the program's Student Ambassador?
When is this year's Geoffrey Norman Day in Education Research?
Where can I direct my additional questions to?